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3 Creative Ways To Use Grey Colour Combination In Your Living Space

Posted on April 11 2019

3 Creative Ways To Use Grey Colour Combination In Your Living Space


If sophisticated and evergreen describe your home, grey is your colour! Similar to white, grey is a neutral colour that offers balance and a much easier colour to maintain compared to white. Grey colour schemes also create calming environment to relax after a long day.

Because a variety of colours pair well with this hue, it’s ideal for walls, accessories and furniture. Light shades of silver and cadet grey evoke a feminine vibe, while darker shades like charcoal and gunmetal exude a more masculine vibe.

Start decorating your home with a simple colour palette and you should be able to start going!



 1. Tan Brown + Dim Grey

For a living room full of enthusiasm and good cheer, you need a palette that reminds you of sunshine filled days. Yet loving the monochrome theme, choosing a calming shades of grey that blends with a tan brown and earth tones will add a little touch to your living space.


2. Mustard Yellow + Gainsboro Grey

Create a modern and contemporary feel with a dark grey colour scheme. Similar to black, grey is moody and blends well with all colours. To make a statement, throw in an attention-grabbing accent colour no one expects, like mustard yellow.

3. Cadetblue + Grey

Blue is an electric colour that brings a room to life. By pairing it with a darker grey, you get a balanced room that isn’t overpowered by blue. You can bring the masculinity of grey and blue down a notch by adding brown into the colour scheme, making this a vibrant palette and cosiness for your living room.


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